A Few Words

About Us

A Few Words

Making a Difference

My name is Sam Bice and I started Numa Management to bring the services I have performed for many growing businesses as a salaried employee, to your business as a consultant.

Small Highlights of profession

This Is What We Do

I have worked with chief estimators bidding works volumes over $200M annually, and worked with HR departments to staff and build structures and systems for companies doubling their size year over year. I have managed over $150M of self-performed work, built financial and production tracking systems for multi-million dollar projects, managed website builds, managed IT departments, built HR systems to create job descriptions and career pathing, and done just about everything else I could get my hands on within a company. The beauty of small and medium-sized businesses is the many hats you get to wear.

But it’s not about me, it’s about you

How To Work With Us

What I can do for you is what I have done for other businesses for 10 years. Help them grow, make them more efficient, and foster a sophisticated reputation in a hyper-competitive construction market.